Langnese Honey

   Honey is one of the most natural organic foods in the world. And Langnese is the brand that leads the world with it divine taste and quality.

The Langnese honey brand was born in 1927 and was accompanied by the classic "fine selection". A short time later the brand was given its characterizing feature: the honey-combed shaped hexagonal glass jar with its gold-colored Langnese lettering and exquisite taste. In 1958, Langnese had a turnover of 6,500 tons of honey and 20 million DM a year. A "masterpiece of nature," Langnese honey is quite simply the perfect harmony between product and brand. Germany's best known and most popular honey, its is also a global brand and is now present in more than 50 countries. In 1997, Langnese launched the first ever honey dispenser known as "bee easy".

To achieve the best honey from selected nectar and pollen areas, Langnese maintains connections to selected regions of origins and carefully checks quality assurance using the latest scientific techniques. Honey, a versatile food can be used in many forms. Langnese honey fit perfectly into our diet for use with Cereals, Milk shakes, Deserts, Salads or simply as a spread on bread and sweetener in your tea.

The Langnese honey range includes our golden "Natural Bee Honey", the mild "Acacia: and tangy "Forest" and "Black Forest" honey, the "Royal Jelly" and our "Bee easy" honeys.