La Espanola

   La Espanola has been producing oil since 1840 and it is this experience, spanning more than a century and a half that makes us unique. Our production procedures are regulated by ISO 9002 Certificate. This standard means that our olive oil is of the highest quality and certified by expert tasters who, among other characteristics, examine it for taste, aroma, and acidity. We experts in olive oil and use traditional production methods and apply the most stringent quality controls to our integrated production cycle, supplying the market with products of the highest quality.

La Espanola Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is the highest quality olive oil derived from the first pressing of ripened olives, without the use of heat and chemicals and therefore contains nutrients that are otherwise lost in the refining process. Extra-virgin olive oil has the most delicate flavour as well as the most health benefits. Olive oil when used regularly, especially in place of other oils, lowers the risk of heart disease, diabetes, colon and breast cancer, and asthma. Its controls cholesterol levels and helps reduce blood pressure, while increasing your body's metabolism. Olive oil improves your skin texture, eyesight and is also good for the bones.