La Espanola

La Espanola” – “Your Daily Olive Oil” is a Spanish brand producing Pure Olive Oil keeping all the healthy properties of the Olive Oil with 100% certified organic olives, grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides from 1840 and known as Pioneer Brand of the category, sold in more than 100 countries across world. Secret of Brand success is hidden in its taste, quality and purity. An Exhaustive selection of olives is used to make special Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a balanced flavor and a nice retro-flavor in palate. La Espanola is very conscious for its consumers to help them to enjoy the Mediterranean diet and take care of themselves in La Espanola way with tasting the Best Olive Oil. Its Natural combination helps in digestion. Very versatile for cooking, grilling, roasting, baking, frying and for soft flavor dishes. La Espanola is ideal for the whole family due to its soft and delicious flavor. Enjoy the expertise with this great Brand.

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