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Anjum Asif & Co. is a family owned business, which was formed in 1974 and has come a long way since. Anjum Asif has always been synonymous with quality consumer products and we try to bring some of the top brands from around the world to our customers in Pakistan.

Anjum Asif & Co is an ever advancing company, with a firm vision of our standing in the future. Our mission is to maintain a high market share and to achieve customer satisfaction in response to changing market trends. We continue to maintain high quality standards and from time to time introduce new products into the market. With brands ranging from Langnese Honey, Coroli Cooking Oils, a wide range of Del Monte products, Dilmah teas, La Espanola and Altivo olive oils, we have moved forward and forward. For a period of almost three decades, we have succeeded in gaining the confidence of our customers. It is their brand loyalty and their confidence in us that we so cherish.

Our dedication to our clients in assuring we bring only the best to our customers and our loyalty to the consumers are some of the reasons why we enjoy the reputation of being market leaders in our field.